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John D.  ("J.D.") Fitzpatrick was raised in Northern California. He always dreamed of being a lawyer but after high school he joined the workforce for about six years, doing everything from warehouse shipping to selling travel packages. This taught him many things, most of which was that he needed to go back to school.

With that need for secondary education, John attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he graduated with a 3.5 GPA and a major in Political Science. While there, he also fought for the Cal Boxing Team and served as Co-Captain, as well as Vice President of the Boxing Club, where he taught beginning boxing to students interested in self-defense.

Following undergrad, John worked for a Congressional campaign in one of the most highly contested races in the country. Having earned a victory there, he next launched into sales for the world's largest paper company (no not Dunder Mifflin for "The Office" fans, but a lot like it). But this was not nearly enough for John's desire to help others.

With a strong commitment to serve the underprivileged, John entered law school in 2012 and served as a Class Representative in student government, sat down in a meeting with the Speaker of the CA Assembly, and made the case for more school funding. He also worked hard to improve access to health services for students. Additionally, John interned with the Homeless Advocacy Project, the California Appellate Project, and a personal injury firm while in law school, before graduating in 2015.

He's run with the bulls in Spain (okay it was more like "running from them" he says), swam with sharks while escaping from Alcatraz twice (John admits nobody saw any sharks), and hiked to the very top of Half Dome (semi-reluctantly). Not one to easily back down from a challenge, John is also a smart fighter who knows that it is almost always best to avoid the fight if possible, and as such he is trained in alternative dispute resolution tactics like negotiation, as well as mediation and arbitration.

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Comprehensive Legal Support

Often clients eventually need assistance in more than one area of the law, leading them to an expensive, impersonal firm or more than one. John gives all your matters the attention each deserves and provides a variety of legal services at a reasonable rate. He is licensed to practice in the state courts of California, US Immigration Court, and can be admitted to any of the other federal courts. John's clients receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing your attorney, instead of being bounced around from staff person to staff person.


The Benefit of a Diverse Background in General Practice

Having worked in a variety of industries before law school, John has real world experience that enables him to better understand the position of his clients and develop a more informed opinion. His general practice includes criminal defense, personal injury, landlord-tenant, commercial real estate, family law, divorce, premarital agreements, lien, bankruptcy, event permitting, entertainment, disability, service animal, emotional support animal, housing discrimination, employment discrimination, and business law.