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What is California's Lemon Law?


According to the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, a new or used car, truck, motorcycle, or RV can qualify for repair, replacement, or repurchase if it was purchased or leased from a dealership AND there were at least two repair attempts within the warranty at an authorized repair facility (usually the dealership), but the problem continues.


To read the full text of the law, visit:


How much money can you get?


Depending on how serious the vehicle's problems are, it may qualify for full buyback, or at least a cash settlement. With our help, the automaker usually offers buyback, meaning they repay you all the money you paid, including your trade-in value, down payment, and monthly payments, and full payoff of any loan. Or if you would prefer to keep the vehicle, we can get the automaker to offer you a cash payment for the damage.


What's a "repair attempt"?


Any visit to the dealership for a problem that substantially reduces the vehicle's use, value, or safety could be considered a repair attempt.


How long does this take?

The process can take months, but we will continue fighting for you until you get the safe and reliable transportation you were promised by the automaker. Let us worry about this so you don't have to. We can save you from missing work, prevent more frustration at the dealership, and maximize your compensation for the vehicle.


How much does it cost?


Our clients never have to pay us anything directly. Once we get the automaker to buy your lemon back from you, or they pay you to keep it, they also pay our attorney fees for you. Most importantly, we are not paid anything unless we win your case, and we are only paid after you are. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so contact us today!


Where can I learn more?


Contact us with any questions. For general information about California's lemon law, visit:



What is the statute of limitations in California for lemon law?


Generally, the consumer has up to four years from the time that the problem to file their lemon law claim.  Contact us for more information.





Do not delay consulting with us or another qualified attorney about your case, because court deadlines (Statute of Limitations) can prevent you from collecting any money if too much time has passed.


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