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If you've had 2 or more repair visits,


 we can help you get the most money


for your lemon vehicle, at no cost to you.

Attorney John Fitzpatrick has won hundreds of lemon law cases, against every major auto manufacturer, usually for full repayment of the money paid for the vehicle and any loan balance.


We are proud to hold automakers to the best standards of safety and reliability, so we are not in this for the money. Our clients never have to pay directly for our world-class representation, and we are only paid once our clients are paid. 


In addition to our consumer protection work in lemon law cases, John has fought for criminal justice reform, civil rights, and mental health awareness. In his spare time, he enjoys automobile restoration and reading historical non-fiction.


Do not delay consulting with an experienced attorney about your case, because court deadlines (Statute of Limitations) will prevent you from being repaid any money for your lemon if you wait too long.


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